Vote for Communal Wellness

This blog post is not going to be very long, but not because there isn't a lot to say. On the contrary, there's so much to say and so much being said that discussions of the United States 2020 presidential election are inundating our collective consciousness. Admittedly, I’m overwhelmed and I know that I’m not alone in feeling this way. We at LILAS Wellness know that this moment in history is a very important one for political action and health restoration across the world. As a community of strong women, we want to encourage everyone to participate in government or partake in civic duties however they can. We cannot afford to disengage. All of our voices matter. Though we may have different political views, I hope that as we cast our ballots in this election or in other races that we have a shared motivation for communal wellness. As we vote, I hope that we elect candidates that will do their due diligence in serving the diverse needs of communities through kindness and collaboration. For such a time as this, we need leadership that will seek to unite us and not divide us, that will prioritize collective health over individual convenience. As you vote, whomever you decide to vote for, please bear these things in mind. Many of you have already voted, with over 95,000,000 ballots casted and counted before Election Day, an impressive early voter turnout that indicates the stakes of this race. But at the end of the day, despite political differences, we will need to work together toward societal wellness solutions in a variety of spheres. VOTE! Vote for the good of as many people you can and don’t shy away from this moment. And no matter the outcome, may there be peace on the other side of the United States 2020 presidential election. 

For more information on participating in the 2020 election, check out the resources below: 

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