About our founder and our 1st product for Period Pain Relief

Hi, I’m Deeksha, Founder of LILAS Wellness.

I grew up between India and the US in a household that was very passionate about medicines! My father and grandfather were both pharmacists and my mother and grandmother were both big believers of Ayurveda, always tinkering with natural home remedies.


But It was my personal experience of going through pregnancy and becoming a new mom that led me to found LILAS- a for women, by women – wellness company that develops natural OTC products in underserved areas of women’s health.

After graduating from college with a degree in Biology, I went to to get a masters in healthcare management and began working in the pharmaceutical industry.

The longer I spent in the industry, the more interested I got in women’s health because I could see how, as an industry, we were failing women.

Up until 20 years ago, there was virtually no health research done on women. As a result, 8 out of 10 drugs pulled from the market were because of adverse reactions that women faced due to inadequate testing.

This gender bias in clinical research, paired with the lack of female leadership had resulted in just a dearth of innovation geared towards women and their health & wellness needs.

I founded LILAS to change this. Our mission is to develop safe, effective and innovative products for women, all the while involving them in every step of the product creation. 

We started with Menstrual Pain Relief because it is a huge unmet need for women. Over 50MM women in the US suffer from menstrual pain every month. And what do they have at their disposal?  Ineffective and inconvenient solutions like sip tea or lie in bed with a heating pad . Or they resort to OTC Pain Killers, which have long-term negative side effects, especially for women.

At LILAS, we have developed an all-natural pain relief patch for menstrual cramps. Our product is a transdermal patch, with patented technology, that ensures sustained release of the plant-based medicine, providing relief for up to 12 hours. Our product is FDA registered as an OTC drug, is manufactured in an FDA approved facility.

We are the only all natural solution for this problem on the market.

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