My Life
Completely Changed..

After I became pregnant with my daughter. Although pregnancy and the transition into motherhood was a beautiful and fulfilling journey, it was a difficult one. The hormonal rollercoaster, childbirth, postpartum recovery, sleepless nights, breastfeeding. I knew I was just one among millions of women going through this but I did not understand why the lives of women over generations have not been made any less difficult.

Why do women continue to endure just because they can? Why aren't there more products to make our lives easier?

I realized: to make great and effective products for women we must make women central to our company, to involve them in every step of the product ideation and creation and to invest the time to speak to women and truly understand their wellness needs. 

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We want women to play a role in improving their own health, in a way that fosters long term change in healthcare and works to rid the longstanding gender disparities that exist. We take the time to speak to women and truly learn about their wellness needs. We work with Gynecologists, Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic and Wellness experts to create innovative products for women because Your Wellness is our priority.

At LILAS Wellness, we want women to feel important, we want women to feel empowered and we want women to be in control of their well-being.


More often than not, women are not made a priority in the healthcare industry. We are excluded from clinical trials, less likely to be prescribed pain medication after surgery, and more likely to be told that our pain is due to emotional distress.

Most of the industry’s decision makers are men and while their mindset towards women and women’s needs is well-meaning, they are clinical and research-based rather than experiential and holistic. This leaves us women with few products that are truly addressing our everyday needs.

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