Sliding Into Diem: Join our Womxn-Centric Health Community

At LILAS Wellness, we will forever be devoted to upholding wellness for women by women. To this end, we are committed to collaborating with other incredible women-led and women-centered companies. We are so excited to partner with Diem to create a community space that is safe, secure, and super engaging! We had the opportunity to speak with Diem’s founder, Emma Bates, to learn more about her vision behind the platform. Here were some of the highlights of our discussion:  

  1. What is Diem?
Diem is a new social platform for women-centric communities & conversations. Or in other words, the ultimate "third space" for women! 
  1. Why did you feel compelled to start Diem? 

It was after recognizing frustration with the current social network landscape – all platforms have been built for men and while women can exist, and are often the largest "influencers" within, they were never built for us in mind. We're building a platform designed for all of us, first.

  1. How is Diem different from other social media platforms?

Aside from the above – we're making social media actually social again. Come chat with other women, subject matter experts & brands you love. No cropping or retouching required. 

  1. We at LILAS Wellness are excited to engage in robust conversations about health on Diem. How does Diem prioritize health privacy and medical accuracy?

We harness subject matter experts (humans!) and clever technology (AI!) to moderate the communities that exist within Diem. The platform is also HIPAA compliant and none of your data is compromised or stored in the same way other social networks (*cough* Facebook) do. 

  1. How can LILAS community members engage with the Diem platform? Are there any features that you are particularly excited about?

They can join the LILAS Community Space and browse other communities that are of interest to them. Hop on in and join the conversations or live events that take place! 

  1. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve discussed on Diem so far?

We had a great talk on Emotional Intelligence last week that was super interesting. 

  1. How can we connect with Diem? (website, IG, spotify or any other platforms Diem uses!)



Join us on Diem to engage in discussions about health topics such as endometriosis symptom management and painful periods. Plus, attend events hosted by community members and medical professionals on natural remedies for combating PMS, improving your emotional health, PCOS + Fertility and more! We’re so excited to see you there!

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