Why we should be giving more attention to our sexual health

Despite having a huge impact on our overall health, female sexual wellness is often overlooked. Unfortunately, almost 50% of women report having issues with their sexual health at some point in their lifetime. Research has also shown that low sexual desire has been reported as the primary reason for women not having sex. In fact, 30% of young or middle-aged women go through extended periods of little to no desire. But why is sexual health so important? Why should we be focused on trying to improve it?

A safe, healthy sex life has been shown to have powerful benefits for your physical and emotional health. It can improve your immune system, reduce your chances of developing heart disease, and lower blood pressure. Having good sexual health can even improve your emotional wellness by relieving stress and strengthening the bond between you and your partner. 

So why has sexual health historically been so neglected? Perhaps it’s the taboo surrounding female sexual wellness that has prevented many of us from being open to having conversations about it. Luckily, many companies are challenging these traditional norms by creating products tailored to sexual health or opening up a dialogue about women’s sexual pleasure. The sexual wellness industry has been growing exponentially, so we can hope that in the next few years, conversations around the topic will be destigmatized. It’s no longer a secret that a healthy sex life can improve all aspects of wellbeing, so perhaps it’s time we start thinking about sex as a form of self-care, rather than the unmentionable topic it has historically been.

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