Community Snapshot: Sustainable Period Products

As we at LILAS Wellness continue to advocate for further period equity, we have to be sure that expansion of menstrual product access incorporates considerations of sustainability. The more common disposable period products, like pads and tampons, contribute to landfill waste, especially given that the average menstruator uses 5,000–15,000 tampons in a lifetime. Ideally, broadening period equity should also be healthy for the environment. More sustainable menstrual product options, like menstrual cups, reusable pads, and period-absorbing underwear, can play a critical role in adding nuance to period equity discussions. In this month’s Community Snapshot, we wanted to know more about your experiences with sustainable period products. Here’s what you all shared with us: 

21% of survey participants have tried a menstrual cup. 
11% have tried a reusable pad. 
16% have tried period underwear. 
13% have tried a different reusable period product. 

More of your thoughts on sustainable period products 

“Have heard they make your period better if you have a ‘difficult’ period… (reusable pads that is).” 


“I wish they were cheaper! Sadly I can’t afford to invest in any of the reusable underwear.” 


“I used cloth pads as a teenager. They were really good!!” 


“Recyclable b/c reusable sounds kinda gross. You might not want to deal w/ all fluids.” 


“Period underwear is LIFE-CHANGING!!!!” 


“Period cups are definitely a good thing to have… so much more convenient than a tampon.” 


Thank you all so much for participating in the survey. Of course, we encourage you to pursue managing your period in the way that works best for you and your wellness journey. With that being said, we hope that in discussing reusable menstrual products, we can help our community explore different options. The more we are able to be aware of the options, the more informed we all can be in making the decisions that are best for ourselves and our world.  If you have any more thoughts on sustainable period products, please share them with us in the comments below. This is an important and continually evolving conversation. We’re looking forward to next month’s Community Snapshot!

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