Community Snapshot: 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

We at LILAS Wellness hope that everyone is still enjoying the holiday season as we look forward to a new beginning. 2020 has been… a year, to put it gently. If there is anything we can draw from this turbulent time, with the light of the vaccine at the end of the covid-19 tunnel, we can all better appreciate the importance and resilience of community in the midst of adversity. One of our 2021 new year’s resolutions at LILAS is to better reflect how much you all, our incredible wellness community, mean to us. To get a head start on this goal, we’re launching the Community Snapshot series. We hope to amplify your input and perspectives in response to monthly questions on our social media and blog. For this inaugural Community Snapshot post, we asked: 

What are your 2021 new year’s resolutions? 

“Daily self-care practice: meditation and movement plus weekly language lessons!” –@allisonmduval 

“To step more out of my comfort zone… amd to have covid-19 go away!” –@mdwebe3

“Hydrate more, walk more, meditate more 💖” –@deekshagulati 

“Start and keep a journal!” –@danielledestiny 

“To be more intentional in prioritizing sleep and staying in touch with my friends. 😊” –@kyra_ann_writes 

“To be more financially responsible… 💲” – @kori_dawk_28

“To take more time to attend to personal goals.” –@ingfit22

“To explore new hobbies and walk and journal more!” –@yena.jang 

“Journal more: self-help cognitive behavioral therapy. Drink lots of water everyday! Take my dog on walks” –@sopphhhiieeee

“Read more, spend less time on my phone, and incorporate regular exercise back into my life”–@jxkim 

“To meditate, work on my spirituality more, read, and fix my eating habits” –@jennkimster


“Tackle new challenges with courage! Focus on unconditional love and positivity for myself and how I can spread that to bring more value to wherever I go and whatever I do.” –@jenniferwang00

Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts with us. We’re looking forward to the new year and the next Community Snapshot! 

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