Beyond the Blog: Endometriosis Awareness Series on YouTube

Throughout March, LILAS Wellness has focused on Endometriosis Awareness Month and honoring the experiences of womxn with endometriosis in our community. In fact, we developed a video series interviewing three of these incredible women, Jess, Marshea, and Liz.  Check out the first two videos below: 

How does endometriosis affect your life? 

"Endo has basically controlled my life since I was about 14."


"As the endometriosis got worse and worse and worse, I couldn't wear tampons because it was so painful."–Jess

"To move more slowly and mindfully has been a shift I've had to make, but also one that's helped me be a lot more aware of my body and what it needs each day. It's different every day." –Liz

Why is there such a long delay in diagnosing endometriosis? 

"Once things started to get really serious, my doctor moved pretty quickly. But when things were in a more mild state, we just slapped a pill on it and called it a day." –Liz 

"I just think the research on endometriosis is so low, a lot of doctors are also very scared of endometriosis. My doctor told me at 14, 'I think it's endometriosis,' but never gave me a recommendation to meet with a surgeon, never pushed me in the direction to do anything else." –Jess

"I've experienced racial issues with the doctor. I feel like that is also a major issue. In some medical textbooks, it still says that Black women don't experience the same pain that everyone else does. That's still in school books." –Marshea

Also, stay tuned for the grand finale of this series on our YouTube channel this weekend! If you’d like to engage with more of our video content, I’d highly recommend these playlists: 

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