3 Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

Though March is Women’s History Month on a national scale, March 8th calls for a global acknowledgement and celebration of International Women’s Day. Of course, though we all embrace the significance of women’s contributions and work against gender inequality in our own ways, here are 3 ways to be all the more intentional in doing so: 

Explore women’s history

Unfortunately, we know all too well that history books disproportionately record the legacies of men. In fact, according to some expert estimates, though women have always been 50% of the population, we are only noted as contributing to 0.5% of recorded history. That math clearly indicated systemic suppression of women’s representation and societal influence across time. Fortunately, there are efforts to fill the egregious gaps in recorded history to unveil how women always have and always will profoundly shape the trajectory of our world.  It’s time for some herstory too, am I right? Here are some fascinating women’s herstory source databases and articles in case you’d like to discover something new today in particular: 

Support causes championed by women

At LILAS Wellness, we are committed to “wellness for women, by women.” This core motivation shapes everything we do. While we love to serve our community through our products and our content, we are also honored to join a broader ecosystem of organizations dedicated to meeting women’s needs in diverse ways. Here are some women-driven initiatives with missions that inspire us that we hope will inspire you too: 

Appreciate the women in your life 

Though we should always appreciate the women we love, respect, and even disagree with, consider taking an extra step to make someone smile. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Maybe it’s just a quick “Happy International Women’s Day!” text. Especially during these uncertain times, which are thankfully taking a turn for the better, even the smallest hint of human kindness can mean the world.  

From us at LILAS Wellness to all of you, Happy International Women’s Day! May we celebrate women today and every day!

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